The Inspiration

While in college, we dealt with the stress of keeping up with everything happening on campus. Everyone had to use multiple sources of partial information just so they wouldn't miss out on anything. Posters were wasteful and not accessible from anywhere, the central calendar was incomplete, and email was not meant for this purpose. Clearly things had to change. So we decided to change the way event discovery and marketing happened on our campus.

The Solution

We were inspired by the poster walls around campus. They were covered in eye-catching posters conveying information on myriad events and topics, and anyone could design and hang a poster. These poster walls beautifully displayed the university's culture and the people behind it.  The only problem was that there were so many posters that it was difficult to find information when walking past in a hurry and information couldn't easily be stored for later.

We created Flypost as a way for students to share and discover information about campus happenings. The platform takes the artistic and open-source spirit of poster walls and combines it with utility of modern technology.